Relax while our highly trained staff and volunteers lead enjoyable creative experiences for your community. 

All of our programs are fun, interactive, and draw from participants’ stories, ideas, and opinions. They encourage joy, confidence, and social connections, while often creating new memories. Choose from any of the programs below, or contact us to create something special for your community. 

Out & About

Meet us out and about in the community for cultural experiences designed especially for people living with memory loss. There are two ways to enjoy:

Community Events, free

Join us for our interactive events at local museums, galleries, and other cultural organizations. Whether it's visual art, theater, music, or cinema, we create experiences that are accessible and meaningful for people living with memory loss and their care partners. Check out our calendar for upcoming programs. (Free, but registration is required)

Private Events, Fees Vary

Choose a place to visit from our list of Cultural Partners and all you have to do is show up! We will coordinate with the cultural organization and lead the event so everyone can enjoy the experience together. Up to 10 people.

Mobile Culture 

Let us bring our vibrant local culture to you! Our Mobile Culture programs offer interactive experiences designed especially for people living with memory loss. Fees vary. 

Art workshop

Using specially chosen objects, participants discuss the theme of the day, interact with the objects, and are encouraged to paint what they see or respond to the conversation using paint. The instructor will guide the process and encourage choice-making. No experience necessary.

Poetry Workshop

As a group, using a variety of objects as inspiration, we will weave together words and phrases to create thoughtful poems. 

Pop-up Gallery

Our gallery is as mobile as we are. We will set it up in your community and discuss pieces on loan from our cultural partners.


We will develop a tailored program just for you!


Every season, we offer packages of Mobile Culture and/ or Out & About programs that follow unique themes. 

Times in the Tier 2018-2019  

Join the Memory Maker Project for a year-long program series exploring the culture and history of the Southern Tier. Programs will run October-January and March-June, culminating with a group exhibit at a local museum in the summer, featuring participants’ work.

Programs include:

1.     Valley of Opportunity Antique Roadshow: A lively discussion of artifacts from local industries including EJ Shoes, IBM and Kilmer.

2.     Fall Foliage Clay Workshop: A two-part workshop where participants discuss the fall in upstate NY and create colorful clay leaves.

3.     Popup Local Art Gallery: A guided discussion about local artists’ work including art by Armando Dellasanta and Anthony Brunelli.

4.     Twilight Zone Movie Roadshow: A viewing and guided discussion of classic scenes from the Twilight Zone.

5.     Carousel Horse Art Workshop: A drawing and painting workshop inspired by carousel horses, music, and imagery.

6.     Southern Tier Poetry Workshop: An interactive group poetry workshop based on objects and images from around the Southern Tier.

7.     A History of the Southern Tier Book Club: Participants take turns reading pages (if possible) and discussing an interactive book written especially for people with memory loss about our local history. 

8.     Artifact Art Workshop: A guided discussion and art workshop focusing on local artifacts.

Cost: Contact us for pricing.

Program Size: We strive to engage each participant in a meaningful way. Therefore, we ask that programs (other than Movie Roadshows) be capped at 12 participants. If you would like to book certain programs multiple times to reach more people, we are happy to offer you a discounted rate.

Capacity: We will be able to offer this program series to 5 care communities. Sign up early to secure your spot!

Please Note: While these themes focus on the greater Binghamton area, we are happy to tailor this program series for other areas.

Contact us to learn more or request a program!

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