The Memory Maker Project offers artculture and advocacy programs for people living with memory loss in Upstate NY. We have something for everyone. Discover ways you can get involved below.  

For Care Communities

Meet us out and about in the community, or we will come to you! All of our programs are fun, interactive, and draw from participants’ personal stories, ideas, and opinions. They encourage joy, confidence and social connections, and often create new memories.

For Families

After a diagnosis, life can become all about dementia. The world might start to feel small, not only for the person living with memory loss, but also for their care partner.  

Our programs open the world up again by offering opportunities for people with memory loss to connect with their loved ones and our community. We use the arts as a springboard for storytelling, conversation and personal expression. 

For Everyone

Whether you want to learn about what we do, get involved, or support us from afar, we've got something for you.