From Care Facility Staff

“We have never seen our residents interact [like this] before.” She looked over at another nurse whose jaw was dropped watching a group of women read, laugh and share stories together. “Can you believe this?” The other nurse shook her head, jaw still dropped.

“There is something special about how you’re engaging them. They don’t usually talk like this.”

“I can’t believe everyone participated. It’s so hard to get them talking like that. I think it’s because you’re someone different. They see you and they think ‘Fun’.”

“I can’t believe he’s painting! Look how he’s making choices. He knows what he wants and is proud of what he’s doing. Look at that smile! He hasn’t participated in anything in months!”

From Participants

“I admire you because you have chutzpah…it comes across after minutes of knowing you. This whole thing had chutzpah! We need more of that.”

“Today was bad. Real bad. I honestly didn’t think I could get out of bed. But I’m glad I did so I could be a part of this. I hope you come back very soon.”

“We all need more of this. It pulls from the mind and gets the hands moving.”

“You talk very nicely to the people. I think they left feeling better than before. I’m very proud of you.”

“Every time I look at [my painting], I see something different, but nobody is touching it. Can I take this to show my wife?”

“We are blessed to have you here. Noticed I didn’t say lucky…I said blessed…”

“I haven’t laughed that hard in years. I forgot how good it feels to be free.”

“We might not have much, but we have this.”

From the Community

“I wish this program was around when my mom was alive. I always felt so stuck. Like there was no hope. This gives people hope.”

“My mom has dementia, but she lives down south. I wish I could have her move here just to take part in these programs.”

“You’re breathing life back into people’s lives. Not just people who have dementia, but their caregivers.”